Update — Week of January 29th

2018 Membership Renewals: Memberships are due the first time you shop at the Co-op in 2018. The cost is still $24 for the entire year. Thank you for your continued support!

Bring a friend to the co-op and enter into a drawing for a free giveaway each month!
We’re giving away products from some of our best suppliers. Co-op members will receive one entry into a prize drawing for each new visitor you bring to the co-op. Each new member will also be entered once in the drawing, to be done at the monthly managers’ meeting.
Be sure to fill out your registration information when you bring friends to see the co-op. Your cashier will have the form handy!
This month’s prize is a Carlson shopping bag, a liter of Sunberry Farms Tropical juice, and a bar of Carlson E-Gam soap with aloe vera.

Local Produce Update: Due to the extremely low night time temperatures, local produce is scarce at the moment. We hope to be able to procure more in the next week or two.

Recalled: Rapunzel brand no added salt vegetable bouillon
if you have product that matches this information please return it to the Co-op for a credit (recalled due to label mistake)

  • Rapunzel Bouillon Veg No Salt 12/2.4 oz (33T/594P) 012
  • Lot numbers: 112075, 113390, 114805, 116205, 118230 and 119631
  • Best Buy dates: 9/10/2018, 11/12/2018, 12/17/2018, 03/04/2019, 05/23/2019 and 7/22/2019

Building and Grounds Manager Needed and Weekly Cleaning Person:  For more information, email Theresa Pizzuto.

Help Wanted Happy Cow Pickup/Delivery Person to pick up milk and cheese from the farm and deliver to the Co-op every other Monday. You would use your own vehicle and the markup is 5%. If interested please call Lori Pierce on Mondays at the Co-op between 10am-2pm or email Theresa Pizzuto.


To view the online ordering deadline and delivery calendar, click HERE.
  • Gaia: Order has been placed and received.
  • Dimpflmeier Bread: An order was received on Friday, August 11th. Still some products in freezer.
  • Sami’s Bread: Our most recent order was delivered Thursday, January 11th. New order possibly next Monday if there is enough to meet min. of $75.00.
  • Frontier Herbs: January’s fourth Wednesday deadline is Wednesday, February 28th.
  • Happy Cow: The next order deadline will be Saturday, January 27th for delivery on Monday, January 29th.
  • UNFI: The next ordering deadline is Monday, January 29th available Thursday, February 8th.
  • Split Creek: An order will be placed as needed.


Received delivery from Split Creek Goat Farm:

  • The cranberry walnut cheese ball and carton of raspberry Fromage Blanc has been put  in the freezer to preserve integrity.
  • Assorted varieties of goat milk fudge

(Organic or Low Spray)

  • Meyer lemons and pecans from SC
  • Organic Garlic from Cedar Knoll Farm
  • Local, fresh ginger is now available from Laurel Horton of Patchwork Garden in Seneca. It is a short season, so get it while you can.
  • Murasaki Sweet Potatoes (white)
  • Sweet Potatoes (orange)

Refrigerator: Grapefruit-Sage Bucha


  • Amy’s Pizza Amy’s Cheese Pizza with Cornmeal Crust
  • ‘Blake’s Shepherd’s Pie’
  • ‘Against the Grain gluten free pizza shells’
  • Brussel sprouts
  • SoDelicious chocolate mocha bars
  • Blake’s Chicken Pot Pies

Meats:  we added grass fed ground lamb (already had ground beef and sausage)

Supplements:   We can order from Pure Encapsulation, Douglas, Biotics Research, and Endo Met.  All of these are supplements that you usually have to purchase through a health care provider.

Modern Forestry Candle Assortment (great for gifts!)

Discontinued Items: To view the complete list of discontinued items click HERE.

  • Nutiva brand Organic Red Palm Oil 15oz is discontinued from the Co-op shelf; full cases of six jars are still available by special order only.

Back ordered Items

  • None at this time


Split Creek Goat Farms ordering is available again in the Direct Order book.  Orders will be placed when we have enough items to fill an order including what we keep in stock.  Please email Jackie with any questions—jc6m@caldwellcentral.net


Call Theresa Pizzuto if you have local produce you would like to sell through the Co-op.  theresa.pizzuto@gmail.com  864-508-0617

Frontier Herbs

If you want to place an order with Frontier Herbs, you can submit an order online and it will be incorporated into the full order for the Co-op. New deadline is 4th Wednesday of the month. For information or to request an online account for ordering from Frontier, contact Jill Fleeman at jafleeman@gmail.com 864-506-4221


The supplement shelves have been organized to group products by type (vitamins, herbs, etc.) rather than by brand or company. *Please share any feedback or suggestions for improvement with Gale Farrier or Katherine VinsonTo see a complete list of supplements available, click here. To see supplements listed by BRAND click here.

Happy Cow

  • Good supply of cheese, milk and chocolate milk is available for special order.
  • When placing orders you must place your order before Monday.
  • You can call in your order and leave a message. Messages are checked early Monday morning before the order goes in.


  • Eggs are stored in the refrigerator by the supplements. We get a supply from 4 suppliers.
  • If you would like to sell eggs through the Co-op please contact Lori Pierce for more information (Mondays at the Co-op or call her at 864-843-2584).


Sami’s Bread has changed their disclaimer, which can be viewed in detail here. We will place the next order when the order minimum is met. Our newest order is available as of January 11th! A new order pending
Dimpflmeier Bread: We have a good supply in the freezer!


Member feedback requested about Gluten-Free product info:

  • What products do you like?
  • Which items did you try and did not like?
  • What type of items or brands would you like to see at the Co-op?
  • Email Jackie Caldwell about Gluten-Free product info.
  • Always looking for good suggestions for new gluten free products.

Pet Food

We are trying to determine which pet foods to stock. If you have a preference for pet food you would like to purchase through the co-op, please call (864-506-4345) Frances Chamberlain with your requests.

Monthly Senior Discount Day:
The Co-op offers a 5% discount to all seniors 65+ on the 3rd Saturday of each month. The next senior discount day will be held on February 17th.

To receive the discount please inform the cashier BEFORE you begin your transaction; the discount will not be available after you have already checked out. Your markup will be reduced by 5% for that day; however, no markup can go below 0%.

Recipe Submitted:
Elderberry and Astragalus Herb Remedy
By Holly Garrett

With flu season in full swing, now is a great time to think about building up your medicine cabinet with herbal remedies to help us make it through the cold and flu season. Many herbs are well suited to support our respiratory and immune systems, and if we strengthen our bodies and build up our natural defenses, then we can help prevent infections before they start! This article will focus on two plant medicines, elderberry and astragalus, and includes a recipe for an elderberry/astragalus syrup you can make at home.

Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis, Sambucus nigra) is a lovely shrub whose berries have been used traditionally to treat colds, flu and upper respiratory infections, due to their anti-viral properties. The berries are immune stimulants and immune tonics, meaning they activate and strengthen the immune system, respectively. The berries can be obtained fresh or dried. (Note: if you are using fresh, you should blanch them first, as they are toxic otherwise.)

Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) is a Tradition Chinese herb, whose roots are used as an immune tonic and are safe to use over long periods of time to build and strengthen the immune system. The roots can be used in bone broths and soups directly or made into a tincture or syrup. I like to make mine into tasty syrup with either local honey or vegetable glycerin, so it is safe for children. (Note: Honey should not be given to children under 1, due to risk of botulism spores)

The following recipe for elderberry/astragalus syrup is adapted from Rosemary Gladstar’s herbal, Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health.

Ingredients and supplies:

Large pot, measuring cup, funnel, strainer or cheesecloth
1 cup fresh or ½ cup dried elderberries
½ cup dried astragalus root
3 cups water (preferably spring or filtered)
1 cup local honey (or vegetable glycerin, which is safe for children under 1)
Clean and sterile glass bottle, with label

  1. Place elderberries and astragalus root in a pot on the stove and bring just to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 30-45 minutes, until the liquid has reduced to half.
  2. Smash the berries and strain the berry skins and astragalus root from the liquid and compost the herbs. Add the liquid back to the pot.
  3. Allow the liquid to cool for 10-15 minutes and then add the honey or vegetable glycerin (if you add the honey while its still hot, the heat will kill some of the active enzymes and beneficial properties of the honey).
  4. Stir the honey or glycerin until well combined.
  5. Using a funnel, pour the syrup into a bottle and label with what it is and when it was made. The syrup will keep at least 3 months in the refrigerator.

As a preventative, take 1 Tbsp. per day for adults and 1 Tsp. per day in juice for kids during cold and flu season.

For acute symptoms, up the dosage to 3x the respective amounts.

Look for these herbs this Fall and Winter at the Co-op!

Note: Elderberry is one of the best treatments for colds, though Echinacea can also be used, which is an immune stimulant, and thus, should only be used for short periods of time, 10 days or so. Echinacea is not meant to be taken over long periods of time for immune support, rather for when you are around others who are sick, feeling yourself coming down with something or are already sick. For adults, you can take Echinacea every hour when you have a cold, as long as symptoms persist. Check with an experienced holistic herbalist for more information.

Want to Help?

We have need for people to help with the following: Contact Theresa Pizzuto.

  • Assistant Manager
  • Happy Cow milk pickup
  • Bulk packagers
  • Day Managers and Cashiers to work weekly and/or as subs
  • Newsletter writers to write short articles for quarterly newsletter.
  •  Split Creek Goat items pick up

Health Discussion

Discussion of health issues at the Clemson Library the 2nd Tuesday each month at 7pm. All are welcome to attend (next meeting Tuesday, 2/13/18). For further information contact Gary at 864-868-0107 or Lori at 864-843-2584.


2018 Board of Directors Meetings Dates (5:30pm) at the Central-Clemson Library: TBD please stay tuned for details. To see the full meeting calendar click here.Enjoy your week!

Theresa Pizzuto  2018 General Manager
Suzie Medders 2018 Associate Manager
Anna Hazen 2018 Assistant Manager