Update — Week of August 14th

Early Closing on Monday, August 21! The Co-op will be open 10:00am to noon (closed noon to 2:00pm) due to observance of the solar eclipse. Have a safe and healthy eclipse viewing!

Help Wanted: The Co-op is in need of a Happy Cow pick Delivery Person to pick up milk and cheese from the farm and deliver to the Co-op every other Monday. You would use your own vehicle and the markup is 5%. If interested please call Lori Pierce on Mondays at the Co-op between 10am-2pm or email Theresa Pizzuto.

Assistant Manager Needed (Officer position – 0% markup): The Assistant Manager assists the General Manager and Associate Manager in management activities and decision-making, serves in the absence of the Assoc. Manager or General Manager as needed, attends Manager, General Membership and agenda-planning meetings and works to gain knowledge of all jobs, policies and procedures associated with the operation of the Co-op.  Good organizational, communication and computer skills are required, including basic knowledge of Word and Excel; familiarity with Google Docs, MailChimp and email lists is a plus. You will work closely with the the Associate & General Manager and we will provide training as needed. If you are interested or want to learn more please contact Theresa Pizzuto

AT&T Phone Update: Our new phone line and Internet access are up and running and our FAX line is no longer operational. **Please note that with the new line if the phone is in use there is now a voicemail option rather than a busy signal.

New Companies—Introductory Sale
HempFusion by Metacan—
hemp oil products

Probulin—probiotic and digestive enzyme products

New Produce:
  Garlice – Inchulium and Elephant (Cedar Knoll Farms)


To view the online ordering deadline and delivery calendar, click HERE.
  • Pure Essence: An order was placed Monday and will be delivered next week.
  • Dimpflmeier Bread: An order was received on Friday, August 11th.
  • Sami’s Bread: An order was delivered on Thursday, August 3rd.
  • The Farm Cart: The next order deadline is Saturday, August 12. The next delivery will be Thursday, August 17th.
  • Frontier Herbs: August’s fourth Friday deadline will be Friday the 25th.
  • Happy Cow: Special orders are available for pick up Monday, August 14th. The next order deadline will be Saturday, August 19th for delivery on Monday, August 21st.
  • UNFI: The next delivery will be available on Thursday, August 24th.


Sale Items

  • GT’s Gingerade Kombucha
  • Gift Idea!  Himalania Brand Himalayan Pink Rock Salt in a 7oz glass jar with a small grater included.  Now on sale for $3.93 each.
  • Wildbrine Brussel Kraut
  • Bob’s Red Mill Low-Carb bread mix (in cooler)
  • Wholly Wholesome G/F pie crusts (in freezer)
  • Tinyada Organic Brown Rice Lasagna (GF section)
  • Lets Do Organic Coconut Flour (GF section)
  • Bobs Red Mill GF Cornbread Mix (GF section)

New Items

  • Pullet (young hen) eggs for $1/dozen. These are smaller than other eggs but good quality eggs.
  • GT’s Heart Beet Kombucha
  • HempFusion by Metacan—hemp oil products
  • Probulin—probiotic and digestive enzyme products
  • Madhava Organic Yellow Cake Mix and Brownie Mix

Discontinued Items

To view the complete list of discontinued items click HERE

Back ordered Items

  • None at this time

Recently Restocked Items

  • Chewable brushless toothpaste for dogs
  • Sami’s lavash in freezer and chips on shelf (cinnamon flavor IN stock)


Farm Cart

The most recent order included mini sweet peppers and local, low-spray peaches, local raw milk and ground beef. Still in stock: sweet onions, potatoes and spaghetti squash.

  • Please place special orders in the Direct Order book II if you’d like to reserve particular products from the next delivery.
  • To see the complete list of products and place special orders please see the Farm Cart tab in Vol. II of the Direct Order Books.

Questions: theresa.pizzuto@gmail.com


We are now receiving local, organic produce from the Farm Cart as well as other local suppliers. See above for ordering information.
Call Theresa Pizzuto if you have local produce you would like to sell through the Co-op.  theresa.pizzuto@gmail.com  864-508-0617

Frontier Herbs

If you want to place an order with Frontier Herbs, you can submit an order online and it will be incorporated into the full order for the Co-op. For information or to request an online account for ordering from Frontier, contact Jill Fleeman at jafleeman@gmail.com 864-506-4221


Supplement Reorganization:  The supplement shelves have been reorganized to group products by type (vitamins, herbs, etc.) rather than by brand or company. *Please share any feedback or suggestions for improvement with Gale Farrier or Katherine VinsonTo see a complete list of supplements available, click here. To see supplements listed by BRAND click here.


  • Doll clothes by Meg–prices vary

    New items go on display the third week of each month

Happy Cow

  • Good supply of cheese, milk and chocolate milk.
  • When placing orders you must place your order before Monday.
  • You can call in your order and leave a message. Messages are checked early Monday morning before the order goes in.


  • Eggs are stored in the refrigerator by the supplements.
  • We currently have pullet (young hen) eggs for $1/dozen. These are smaller than other eggs but good quality eggs.
  • If you would like to sell eggs through the Co-op please contact Lori Pierce for more information (Mondays at the Co-op or call her at 864-843-2584).


Sami’s Bread has changed their disclaimer, which can be viewed in detail here. We will place the next order when the order minimum is met.
Dimpflmeier Bread: We have placed an order and it arrived Friday, August 11th


Member feedback requested about Gluten-Free product info:
  • What products do you like?
  • Which items did you try and did not like?
  • What type of items or brands would you like to see at the Co-op?
  • Email Jackie Caldwell about Gluten-Free product info.
  • Always looking for good suggestions for new gluten free products.

Pet Food

We are trying to determine which pet foods to stock. If you have a preference for pet food you would like to purchase through the co-op, please email or call (864-506-4407) Jackie Caldwell with your requests.  jc6m@caldwellcentral.net

Monthly Senior Discount Day:
The Co-op offers a 5% discount to all seniors 65+ on the 3rd Saturday of each month. The next senior discount day will be held on August 19th.

To receive the discount please inform the cashier BEFORE you begin your transaction; the discount will not be available after you have already checked out. Your markup will be reduced by 5% for that day; however, no markup can go below 0%.

Want to Help?

We have need for people to help with the following: Contact Theresa Pizzuto.

  • Assistant Manager
  • Happy Cow milk pickup
  • Bulk packagers
  • Day Managers and Cashiers to work weekly and/or as subs
  • Newsletter writers to write short articles for quarterly newsletter.

Health Discussion

Discussion of health issues at the Clemson Library the 2nd Tuesday each month at 7pm. All are welcome to attend (next meeting Tuesday 6/12). For further information contact Gary at 864-868-0107 or Lori at 864-843-2584.

Input Wanted from Co-op Members:

We have started a monthly Speaker’s Forum on Health and Nutrition.  We need your feedback!  What topics would you like to know more about? Please email your ideas, suggestions to Echo Macdonald.


2017 Board of Directors Meetings Dates (5:30pm) at the Central-Clemson Library: TBD please stay tuned for details. To see the full meeting calendar click here.Enjoy your week!

Theresa Pizzuto  2017 General Manager
Suzie Medders 2017 Associate Manage