Happy Cow Delivery Person Needed
Pick up milk and cheese from the farm and deliver to the co-op every other Monday(~2x/month). You would use your own vehicle and the markup is 5% if you pick up twice monthly. If interested please call Lori Pierce on Mondays at the Co-op between 10am-2pm(864-868-3105) or email Theresa Pizzuto

Cleaning Person Needed
to clean the Co-op weekly. For more information, contact Theresa Pizzuto

Monthly Senior Discount Day
The Co-op offers a 5% discount to seniors 65+ on the 3rd Saturday of each month. The next senior discount day will be held on  Saturday, October 20.
Order Deadlines and Delivery Dates

The last delivery was made available on Thursday, October 18th. The next order deadline will be Monday, October 22nd, available on Thursday, Nov 1st.
Happy Cow
The next order deadline will be Saturday, October 27th for delivery on Monday, Oct 29th.
Frontier Herbs
Orders are placed 4th Wednesday of the month
Krause Brothers Citrus & Juice
We will order when we meet minimum order requirements.
Sami’s Bread
An order was placed today, Monday, October,  22nd. It will be available on Thursday, October 25th. There is bread available in the freezer.
Split Creek
An order will be placed as needed. Place your orders in the Direct Order book.
Dimpflmeier Bread
A nice supply is in the freezer. Next order date in Oct-Nov

New Arrivals
Don’t forget your furry friends like to celebrate the beginning of Autumn too.
These are a super yummy snack.  Pop them in the toaster for a few minutes to give them a little extra fluff!
Personal Care
Christina’s Natural Qualities Mascara
We have lots of fun shades of Christina’s Natural Quality Lipstick.


Current Consignment: Knitted hats by Meg

Supplement by Brand
Supplements by Shelf Order

All-Purpose Natural Bathroom Cleaner

2 tsp borax
1 tsp washing soda
8 oz. very hot water
1 TBS Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds
1 cup warm water (use distilled if your water is hard)
1/4 tsp lemon essential oil
1/2 tsp orange essential oil
10 drops cinnamon leaf essential oil
1/4 tsp clove essential oil

Pour washing soda, borax and hot water into a 16-oz. spray bottle.  Shake well to dissolve.  Remove top and add Sal Suds and essential oils.  Add just enough warm water to fit within about 1 inch from top.  Apply spray top and gently shake to mix.

To use, shake bottle gently and spray on all bathroom surfaces including sinks, toilets, tub, shower, walls, fixtures.  To disinfect, wait a few minutes before wiping off.

Discounted Items

There are a variety of discounted items located on our Clearance shelf. 
Discontinued Products
Here is our complete list of Discontinued Products
  • All flavors of Xyla brand mints
  • Bulk organic whole oat groats
  • Nutiva brand Organic Red Palm Oil 15oz is discontinued from the Co-op shelf.
    • Full cases of six jars are still available by special order only.
  • Reed’s Cherry Brew beverage has been discontinued by UNFI
  • Lucini Italia Artichoke Pasta Sauce  by UNFI
  • All Rapunzel bouillon cubes, no-salt, sea-salt, and with herbs, by UNFI
  • Canned Santa Barbara brand large black olives