The Co-op has several types of membership. We encourage our members to become working members as there are all types of jobs that need to be done. Percentages are subject to change and are based on the type of work, responsibility, time commitment, etc. Please complete a Work Interest Information form if you would like to work.

Membership Form (PDF – Adobe format)

Our membership year is from January through December. Annual memberships are $30, due in January. Dues for first-time members joining after January are pro-rated at $2.50 per month for the remainder of the membership year. A one-month non-renewable trial membership is available for $4. Trial members are not permitted to place special orders.

Membership Form (PDF – Adobe format)

Work Interest Information form (PDF – Adobe format)

Membership Type Pricing and Notes


no work commitment

30% markup, no special orders


Markup ranges from 15% to 0% (see HR manager for details)


5% markup


no work commitment

30% markup

Seniors (+65)


25% markup



20% markup


0% markup


see General Manager for details

Markup Rubric form (PDF – Adobe format)

Note: Attendance at ALL Upstate Food Coop meetings will be credited towards working hours which include General Membership Meetings, Monthly Manager Meetings, Board of Director Meetings and any other specially called meetings.

FAQ About the Co-op (PDF – Adobe format)

PDFs require Adobe Reader

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