Upstate Food Co-op Board of Directors Info

The Co-op is always on the lookout and willing to utilize those who would like to volunteer their time and talents. One of the ways to serve is by being on the board.

The board meets monthly January through May and September through November.

If you are considering serving on the board, please review the Board Basics below. In addition, we ask that you agree to the Board Code of Conduct via the signature page.

Board Basics – Jan 2016

Goal: Together with all Managers, the Board is responsible for ensuring excellence in governance through the establishment and careful monitoring of written Board policies, reflecting the members’ values and perspectives regarding the ENDS to be achieved and the means to be avoided.

Duties and Responsibilities of all Board Members:
● Bring skills, dedication, and passion to your post
● Share resources and talents, expertise, community contacts, and ideas
● Be sensitive to the needs and concerns of members
● Become familiar and conversant with the Upstate Food Co-op By-laws, Policy Governance, Board Operations, and Consensus Decision-making
● Support all Board decisions
● Prepare for each Board Meeting by reviewing Agenda, reports, and other materials distributed
● Take responsibility for the success of Board Meetings and for the Board itself
● Be accessible and responsive by e-mail
● Financially support the Co-op as an active member and shopper
● Actively recruit new Board Members
● Sign and abide by the Board Members’ Code of Conduct
● Contribute a minimum average of 10 hours per quarter to Board related activities, including Special Meetings
● Actively participate on at least one committee or work group
● Serve a two-year term, with the option to renew up to two (2) times

● Work with a dynamic group of committed individuals using a unique and effective governance structure
● Have the opportunity to provide influential direction for the Co-op
● Build leadership and communication skills through decision-making
● 5% discount on the mark-up rate

The mission of the Upstate Food Co-op Board of Directors is:
● To be stewards of the vision of the Co-op
● To be trustees of the members
● To be creators of systems and policies that nurture and realize a thriving Co-op community
● To maintain strong cooperative business principles and practices
● To work together in the circular model of leadership, inviting each person’s wisdom into the strength of consensus
● To weave our particular gifts into a flourishing cooperative enterprise
● To appreciate the differences and challenges that inevitably arise within a group, and to continually redirect efforts with the best interests of the Co-op as the gauge
● To read and cultivate an understanding of Co-op By-Laws and Policy Governance, which includes a working fluency in financial matters
● To work co-operatively with the General Manager and Members in promoting the Co-op as a vital link to the community
● To be enthusiastic and responsible